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Why... select artificial turf?

Artificial turf is maintenance-friendly, extremely long-lasting and impervious to weather. It is a reliable surface with infinite applications. Not only can artificial turf pitches make your sports facilities stand out, but it can also make your garden or town evergreen. shows you the benefits of artificial turf.

In addition to artificial turf, reinforced natural grass is also available. This is a sports surface that combines natural grass with artificial turf in a unique way. An ingenious system with much to discover.... More.

What... should you know about artificial turf?

What is the difference between the maintenance of artificial turf and natural grass? Can I lay artificial turf anywhere and how long will such an installation last? To answer all your questions, can lead you through the artificial turf world and show you what is involved with acquiring and caring for an artificial turf pitch.

Who... helps you further with questions about artificial turf? gives you a clear overview of artificial turf. If you have additional questions, please see our frequently asked questions. If you have a particular question about artificial turf, would like advice on a specific artificial turf project or would prefer to meet an artificial turf specialist, please contact us by means of the contact form. An artificial turf expert will be pleased to assist you.

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