Artificial grass for tennis

Tennis and artificial grass: a winning combination

Tennis clubs are increasingly opting for artificial grass tennis courts. The benefits are clear: in comparison with gravel or natural grass, artificial grass requires little maintenance. You no longer have to use the drag brush on your court after every match and artificial grass for tennis is wear-resistant, extremely user friendly and does not make your footwear dirty.

Extend the tennis season

An interesting advantage of artificial grass tennis courts is that they drain very well. After a rain shower, the artificial grass courts are immediately playable. No matter how often the artificial turf courts are played, the good water-permeability keeps the court in optimum good condition for a longer period. As a result: the season can be extended and matches do not have to be cancelled due to the poor condition of the courts: an important consideration for tennis clubs with busy match schedules.

Artificial grass vs gravel

Gravel is still one of the most popular surfaces for tennis courts, but artificial grass tennis courts can emulate the feel of gravel very closely. While the artificial grass gives good grip for the fast footwork, sliding to the ball is no problem. There are many different artificial grass qualities for tennis, each with its specific playing characteristics. Unlike a gravel court you can play on an artificial grass tennis court the whole year round.

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