Artificial turf for rugby

Rugby puts pitches to the test

Rugby pitches have to put up with a lot of punishment. Although natural grass is usually the first choice for rugby players because of its playing feel, typical problems such as mud pools and bald patches have a negative impact on the quality of the pitch and the game. An unusable natural grass pitch is not good for a club.

Artificial turf supports playing technique

Once you have mastered the rules of tries, scrums, line-outs and knock-ons, you can appreciate the great importance of technique and tactics. Artificial turf offers the ideal opportunity to refine rugby technique. The synthetic fibres retain the same playing characteristics under all conditions, so the rugby players can rely on the field quality. The artificial grass fibres and the infill material are also friendly to the skin and soft on the joints.

Play or cancel

Some clubs with natural grass pitches are forced to cancel matches regularly to maintain the condition of the field. It’s a difficult choice, but one that no longer has to be made with an artificial turf system. However, you do not have to give up the smell or the experience of real can always choose for artificial turf combined with natural grass.

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