Artificial turf for multifunctional sports pitches

Multifunctional artificial turf pitches: a budget-friendly solution

The budget and space available for sports facilities is often limited for many clubs, schools, and towns. Having a separate field for every sport is often impossible. The solution? Multifunctional fields in artificial turf that are suitable for different sports.
With the same capacity as three natural grass pitches, a single artificial turf pitch can be used throughout the year by multiple clubs and associations.

Sports fields for every budget

With multifunctional artificial turf pitches, you can have multiple activities on a single sports pitch. The lines for the different sports can be incorporated into the artificial turf pitch in different colours. This reduces the expense to a single, always-playable pitch, and if you share the purchase of an artificial turf pitch with another club or split the costs with the local municipality, the price becomes even more attractive.
An important detail for schools is that the artificial turf pitches eliminate muddy footprints in hallways and classrooms forever. Municipal parks can also increase their visitors by making their facilities more accessible.

Artificial grass in the market square

A temporary indoor football event, a hockey demonstration in the market square, an extra sports field during sports week at school? Especially for these events, Desso has developed a mobile artificial grass system. This is made up of large pieces, like a jigsaw puzzle, comprising a shock absorbent base and artificial grass top. Just put the puzzle together and the field is ready for use. After the event, the Desso Mobile-system can be dismantled quickly and stored easily, ready for the next event.

Looking for inspiration for some multifunctional artificial turf projects? Click here.

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