Artificial turf for hockey

Artificial turf and hockey are inseparable

Artificial turf is now a permanent feature in the hockey world. With the introduction of artificial turf in the 1970s, hockey has become much faster, more exciting and consequently more popular. The rules have been amended and techniques refined as the synthetic sports surface has become an essential part of the sport.

Constant artificial turf quality

An artificial turf hockey surface gives you all the room you need to make fast passes with precise ball control. Hockey players enjoy the comfortable cushioning and don’t have to worry about injuries from serious slides. Uniform playing characteristics, predictable ball behaviour and optimal grip make artificial turf the ideal surface for hockey. Even after years of fast rushes and short stick-battles, the quality stays constant.

Hockey grass for both elite players and amateurs

There is an artificial turf solution to suit every hockey club, at every level and every budget. Although elite hockey is inconceivable without the water-based pitch that requires a sprinkler system there are other options. You could choose a semi-water pitch (can be sprayed, but doesn’t have to be) or the sand-filled surfaces for ambitious amateur teams. Artificial turf pitches that are suitable for competitions at world-class level have earned FIH Global Quality Approval.

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