Artificial turf for garden, town and company

Artificial turf in the garden

Is your garden more work than pleasure? Not with artificial grass. Artificial grass is ideal for people with limited time but who want to enjoy green surroundings. Mowing, spraying, aerating....all are a thing of the past. Artificial grass has the appearance of a perfectly maintained lawn, in all seasons. It solves the problem of shadowy corners, roof patios and areas around swimming pools... All the places where natural grass grows poorly, if at all. Artificial grass surfaces are also made of child-friendly materials.

Artificial grass in town

Many cities and towns have seen the advantage of using artificial grass to make their streets more attractive. The possibilities are endless: around flowerbeds, parks, squares, grass along roadways and tram lines, roadway dividers, roundabouts or airports. With artificial grass, not only does the public space get a permanent appearance, but maintenance costs are reduced significantly, too.  Artificial grass has a long life and is therefore a long-term investment.

Artificial grass for companies

Artificial grass has several advantages over real grass. You can lay artificial grass everywhere, it is maintenance-friendly and has the same attractive appearance in summer or winter. Artificial grass comes into its own both outside (around the perimeter of car parks and flowerbeds, flat roofs, terraces, sports facilities for staff....) and inside (showrooms, trade fairs, etc.).
Companies often have to comply with strict environmental standards. Artificial grass is made of recyclable, environmentally friendly materials. And because artificial grass does not have to be watered, you save on water costs, too.

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