Artificial turf for football

Artificial turf convinces the football world

Increasingly, football clubs are choosing artificial turf pitches. This makes sense given that an artificial turf football pitch is more maintenance-friendly and yet it feels like a natural grass surface. It also saves space. A natural grass surface needs a certain amount of time to recover, which means that other fields have to be used. You can play on an artificial turf pitch throughout the year.

Artificial turf: the recognised solution

Artificial turf has earned its place in the footballing world. That’s why UEFA, the European football league has approved playing the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Cup, the qualification matches for the World Cup, and the European Championships on artificial turf.

FIFA Quality Concept

FIFA is also promoting artificial turf for football. At the beginning of 2001, FIFA introduced the Quality Concept: an extensive test programme to develop an international standard for artificial turf, to ensure the safety of the players and to encourage developments in the artificial turf industry.

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