Artificial turf for American football

Artificial turf solution for popular American football

American football, sometimes known as grid-iron, has grown to become one of the most popular sports in North America. This team sport is so beloved by young and old that the need for football fields that are always in good condition is immensely important. Artificial turf, playable throughout the year is therefore perfect to meet demand.

Comfortable sports field

Things can get rough in American football. Players often come into direct contact with the grass field. Skin-friendly materials and a shock-absorbing structure are therefore basic requirements for artificial turf fields for football. In terms of play characteristics, artificial turf fields are definitely a worthy alternative for a natural grass surface as they free from the traditional problems, such as rough sections, flattened grass and puddles.

Artificial turf field to measure

Artificial turf fields for American football are often decorated with the logo of the club. The logo is worked into the artificial turf surface in the club colours and is an integral part of the eye catcher that will certainly please the spectators.
Desso GrassMaster fields are also popular for American football. If you select this reinforced natural grass system, the club logo or other features can also be worked into the pitch by being painted on the grass surface.

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