Why select artificial turf

Artificial turf for sports

Artificial turf is now a permanent feature in the sports world, and for good reason:

  • Artificial turf can be played on more frequently and for longer
    Artificial turf always provides the best playing conditions. Natural grass gives up the ghost after approximately 300 playing hours per season; artificial turf can be played on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Artificial turf is impervious to weather
    In wet weather, an artificial turf pitch is well drained. Drought conditions have no effect on the surface quality. No puddles, mud or bald patches. With artificial turf, your game can always carry on and training sessions do not have to be cancelled....ideal, right?
  • Artificial turf is maintenance-friendly
    Seeding, mowing, fertilizing, painting lines...’real’ grass takes a lot of work, time and money. Not artificial turf: if you maintain your artificial turf pitch well, it can last for 15 years and retain its technical playing characteristics.
  • Artificial turf pitches take up less space
    You save space with an artificial turf pitch. One artificial turf pitch has the same capacity as three natural grass pitches and can be used for different sports, training sessions and games.

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Artificial turf for garden and town

If you would like to spend more time enjoying your garden and less time maintaining it then artificial turf is the ideal solution. Mowing, spraying, aerating....all are a thing of the past. Natural grass can find some conditions difficult. Obvious uses for artificial grass include the area under a child’s swing, or under a moveable swimming pool. But developing this idea further, maybe you want to brighten up your roof patio, or are looking for a maintenance-friendly solution for the garden at your holiday cottage. Perhaps your company grounds would benefit from a touch of green. Today’s artificial turf looks very natural and is also environmentally friendly (no water wastage, no pesticides, recyclable, etc.).

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