Laying and maintaining artificial turf

Laying artificial turf

You can lay artificial turf quickly and easily in your garden, your town or company. As long as the surface is or can be made level enough, you can lay artificial turf virtually anywhere. Round shapes, colourful designs or in combination with spaces for’s up to you.

Laying an artificial turf sports pitch

It takes an average of three to six weeks to lay an artificial turf sports pitch. Depending on the sport and the planned use, you can choose between a specific type of sub-base, infill material (sand, rubber) and synthetic grass fibre. Every artificial turf sports pitch is a unique project.
In general, the installation process can be described in 5 phases:
Phase 1. Excavate the grounds
Phase 2. Lay water-permeable underlayer
Phase 3. Roll the artificial turf out and lay it
Phase 4. Infill with sand and/or rubber
Phase 5. Your artificial turf pitch is ready for use

Click here for a more detailed description of laying artificial turf sports pitches.

Maintaining artificial turf

An artificial turf surface is low maintenance. Artificial turf used for non-sport private installations or municipal applications only has to be brushed regularly, removing waste and leaves and, possibly, adding sand. To keep your artificial turf surface in good condition as long as possible, regular maintenance by the artificial turf manufacturer or a specialist company is recommended.

Artificial turf for sports applications requires the same maintenance. However, to keep the playing characteristics optimal, the pitch should also receive a regular professional maintenance treatment during which more comprehensive work such as loosening the infill, treating the top layer and any repairs should be carried out.
With regular maintenance an artificial turf pitch can last up to 15 years: that is a relatively small amount of effort for years of pleasure and reliable playing quality.

For more information about regular and professional maintenance, click here.

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