Reinforce natural grass with artificial turf

What is reinforced natural grass?

Reinforced natural grass, or Desso GrassMaster® is an artificial turf system that combines the playing quality of natural grass with the long lifespan of artificial turf. How? Twenty million artificial turf fibres are ‘injected’ into a natural grass pitch. The result? The roots of the natural grass intertwine with the fibres and anchor the field to create a solid structure with better drainage and optimal playing comfort.

Why reinforce your sports pitch with artificial turf?

A natural grass pitch has a playing capacity of approximately 300 hours per season. A Desso GrassMaster pitch can easily treble that. There is also less playing damage to the grass, even when used extensively. In fact, despite more frequent use, reinforced natural grass does not need any more maintenance than a standard natural grass pitch.  Also any excess rainwater is drained more quickly thanks to the vertically injected artificial fibres.

Who is this artificial turf system developed for?

Reinforced natural grass is used for stadium pitches and training pitches. Football and rugby as well as American football and baseball all come into their own on this surface. However, reinforced natural grass can also be used for activities besides sport and this is good news for sporting venues in terms of revenue returns. Events, concerts...just think, the list is endless... The artificial turf injection makes the recovery time for the grass much shorter. This means more activities can be hosted and the maximum revenue generated.

To learn more about reinforced natural grass go to the Desso GrassMaster page.

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